Motivo de inspiración

Hi there, my name is María. I’m a professional psychologist and a beginning entrepreneur. Since I can remember I have been involved with the the world of commerce, since I was little I learned to enjoy the daily interaction with different kinds of people, which has in turn helped me become an extroverted, kind and innovating woman (or so people tell me!)

In the evenings I dedicate my time to my own jewelry store, Amatzolli, a which I consider to be one my passions in life. You might be wondering, why a passion? Well, I put it like this  because this small business makes me challenge myself and stay up to date with the latest fashionable products.

A few months ago I attended MagmaConf, in Manzanillo, Colima. And I had the chance to meet a group of talented women who were involved with the Women Who Code organization. I remember that their goal was to connect a million women with technology by 2019, and I was motivated by such a strong and courageous idea.

A few weeks passed, and then I found out about the new Women Who Code group that was starting in my hometown. At that time, they were still called Codificadas. They wanted to contribute to the tech education of local women and I was interested in learning to code, so I joined them as soon as I could. First I learned basic concepts, and then I got into the world of Java and Ruby.

For Java, my teacher was the multi-talented Erika, and Viviana (the smart :) was the one who taught me Ruby. I thank them both for what they gave me. They have been very kind and generous with their time and efforts.

Because of all of this, I had been been considering the possibility of testing my hand at eCommerce for a while. However, I didn’t feel like I had the skills and knowledge necessary for such an endeavor. But as corny as it may sound I will say it anyway because it’s true: the support from our local Women Who Code worked like a charm, and I was motivated enough to try and go out of my comfort zone and experiment with selling my products online, maybe even internationally.

As a token of appreciation because of all the good moments, the learning, and the support (moral and even emotional) that I have received in these past five months, I have decided to dedicate this Relax collection to my mentors and friends. I hope you like them :)


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